AC Milan picked up victory by defeating Lazio 1-0.

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AC Milan picked up an important victory by defeating Lazio 1-0 in a game. In which three home players were sent off in the Serie A football battle on Friday.

Lazio chose Tati Castellanos to play in front of goal. Flanked by Felipe Anderson and Mattia Saccagni, while AC Milan were led by Olivier Chirould

The game started in the 8th minute. Lazio had a chance to greet them first from a corner kick from Luis Alberto that. Reached Felipe Anderson for a header. But the ball didn’t enter the box. ทางเข้า UFABET 

In the 16th minute, Milan had some chances from Olivier Giroud. Whose header from Alessandro Florenzi’s opener was unfortunately way out of bounds.

At the end of the first half, the home side had a chance from Mattia Saccagni’s cross that. Reached Luis Alberto and shot in front of the penalty area. The ball entered the frame but did not pass through Mike Mennon’s hands. Causing the first half to end at 0-0.

In the 57th minute of the second half, Lazio had to have only 10 players left. When Luca Pellegrini received a second yellow card after fouling Christian Pulisic on the touchline. Therefore had to leave the field

In the 76th minute.

Milan sent the ball into the net from an own goal from Mario Quila, but Rafael Leao was caught offside, causing Milan to not take the lead. 

Milan crushed the winning goal 1-0 until in the 88th minute, Rafael Leao played the ball from the left into the penalty area for Noah Okafor to catch and shoot with his left and Olivier Chirou was saved. D fell over and got stuck on the block. The ball was out of danger and into Okafor’s path. He hit it hard with his right. Ivan Provedel deflected it and hit his fingertips. But he couldn’t handle it and the ball went into the goal anyway.

During injury time, Lazio was down to just 8 players. Adam Marusic received a red card for violent play, while Matteo Guendouzi was sent off in another moment after the nut dropped to take revenge on Pulisic. Therefore received a red card as well. 

Then, at the end of the game, AC Milan narrowly beat Lazio, who had 8 remaining players, 1-0, leaving Juventus with just one point.