‘Sacchi’ pointed out ‘Juventus’ is the only team that uses young stars

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Legendary coach Arrigo Sacchi says Juventus are currently the only Italian club working with young players. Ready to show that They still have a chance to win the championship at the end of the season.

“Zebra” started the season disappointingly, caught in the middle of the table. And eliminated from the group stage Champions League. But before the break they returned to form, winning six league games in a row, soaring to third place, 10 points behind leaders Napoli.

Serie A will return to play early next year and Sacchi also shared his view with UFABET Sport , his hometown news agency. On Juventus’ prospects, “Juventus

players who have gone to the World Cup have proven themselves to be very strong. Especially Rabiot who stands out from the crowd. which in some ways is surprising.”

“Allegri’s players are both experienced and physically strong. Which will be an important fundamental factor for the second half of the season ′

′ In addition, Juventus is the only Italian club. who are working with young players And those young players are showing that they have the quality, the commitment and they play very well as a team

. And maybe fight for the championship ′

′ ′′ Allegri will have an important player like Chiesa back, he will use Di Maria, who has gained confidence from the World Cup. And he might get another Paul Pogba back ′

′ ′′ Allegri will have to prove to himself that he can build a team. Without letting problems off the field interfere

This season, Max Allegri’s team has faced many main injury problems. This has led to a number of youngsters being given the opportunity, including Nicolo Fagnoli, Fabio Miretti, Frederico Gatti and Samuel Eling Jr.