Moyes revealed that ‘Arteta’ shined as a coach since his playing days

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West Ham boss David Moyes has praised Mikel Arteta for his outstanding performance at Arsenal and revealed the former player Has intelligence and fighting spirit since the time he was a footballer which is the quality of a good coach

On Monday night, Moyes will be in charge of the Hammers for his first official game after the World Cup. League

leaders Moyes previously managed Arteta for seven seasons at Everton and they are set to meet again at the Emirates Stadium.

During a pre-match interview with the club’s official media, Moyes spoke of the opposition they face.

“I think the best time to face Arsenal was about three years ago!

” and won the championship Which is something people might think will never happen.

“Seeing former players Doing well as a team manager It’s very exciting for me ′

′ Arteta has always had a very good career path. He’s played under Arsene Wenger and has been given great guidance on how Arsenal

work. can be said to be the best manager of this era So of course Arteta gets great advice from those team managers ′

′ But before that Arteta was already a smart kid too. Plus, he has patience when he faces difficult situations. And got criticism from people ′

′ Finally, Arsenal got through that kind of situation. And quite often managers need time to get through those situations. According to the UFABET

“Arsenal have always had a great team. Therefore, you cannot compare the current team with the past team. but recently They were so heavily criticized that I couldn’t believe

it. They are building a good team, I can see Smith-Row, Saka and Martinelli developing. Then I started thinking, ‘Oh my god, people are looking at Arsenal the wrong way’, “

Arsenal were building a better team at the time. And I think now they can do that.”