Levan calls ‘Messi’ favorite to win Ballon d’Or

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Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski says every striker dreams of playing alongside Lionel Messi, praising the Argentine star. as a candidate to win the Ballon d’Or

At the last World Cup, Lewandowski led Poland to face Messi in their group stage game, where they lost 2-0 to “White Sky”

. Ending the path at the hands of French national vice-champion

Lewandowski is on vacation to prepare to return to help “Boon Rock” in the La Liga battle and he used this time to interview with the Spanish media UFABET.

“This does not depend on me,” the 34-year-old said when asked if Want to play with Messi once before retiring?

“Now we see that Messi’s style of play is more of a playmaker, maybe he scores fewer goals. And pay the ball to teammates up ′ ′ ′

′ He still scores goals continuously. But compared to before, Messi is now the footballer every striker dreams of playing alongside.

” but has not yet been selected And he was further asked about the next award winner.

“If it’s a football club Maybe more than one player plays for the same team, but this season the World Cup will decide who wins the Ballon d’Or

. What he was able to do meant a lot to him and now he can enjoy it.

However, if Messi wins the Ballon d’Or He will win the award for the eighth time in his professional career.