‘Howe’ said he never looked at the scoreboard once

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Newcastle United boss Eddie Howe has revealed that he hasn’t opened the Premier League table even once this season. Although the team currently ranks third, the reason is to concentrate on training.

“Salika Dong” breaks the World Cup by winning five games in a row, ranking third in the Premier League behind the crowd like Arsenal. 7 points

However, it seems that Howe is not paying much attention to the table. In an interview before Monday’s game, when he will return to manage the Premier League team against Leicester City, he said,

“In fact, I haven’t even looked at the scoreboard once.

” I don’t know where we’re at. But I always want to concentrate on the next training session

. we want to make sure We give players the opportunity to perform as well as possible. and let everything else take its course.” According to the UFABET

“To be honest, I don’t want to look back too much on my past performance. Because maybe that’s what it takes at the end of the season. To plan for the next season ′

′ Of course this season has been great. And we are happy with the work done so far. But I feel like we’re only halfway through.

“Leicester is a top team, top manager. and in my opinion Those things never change. Even though they had difficulties at the start of the season

, Brendan Rodgers’ quality was always passed on to his team, they performed well over the years. without much player change So we have a lot of respect for them.”

Previously, Allan Saint Maximin, an important wing of the team revealed that he persuaded France striker Marcus Thuram to Moved to play in St. James’ Park, where Howe added about this matter

“Thuram is a top player. And of course I watched him play in the World Cup. But now there’s nothing more than that ′

′ Maximang did a great job!