How to use the formula to play Hi-Lo to get money

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The advantage of using a Hi-Lo formula to play dice, how to get money, if looked at superficially, it may be almost impossible, but if you are a person who plays regularly, will be able to guess the exit easily, using the formula is very necessary because it will help You can play Sic Bo for fun and have a way for you to place your bets correctly, not random bets. Because betting randomly doesn’t make you money. Let’s see the formula for betting on Hi-Lo. สมัคร UFABET

Formula for playing Hi-Lo to get money, minimum high bet

How to play Hi-Lo to get high-low bets in that Hi-Lo is the first choice because there is a chance of winning that is easier than playing in other ways By the way, the best Sic Bo formula is that you have to wait and observe the statistics. If there is a result that comes out and is the same result consecutively You can place bets right away.

From the test by shaking all 3 dice, which were shaken a total of 216 times to find statistics of low and high exits. It can be calculated as a percentage that there will be a low exit of 50% or a total of 108 low exits. That’s it, and high exits have a relatively smaller percentage, with 216 shakes having only 81 high exits, going from 12 to 18 points.

Formula for playing Hi-Lo to get money

This Hi-Lo formula, how to pay is a bit complicated. If you are a beginner, we do not recommend it. Because you will have to look at the statistics to see.  Which you have to observe for 2 or 3 eyes and then you can choose the points that come out often to place bets immediately. It will result in you getting profits back easily.

Formula for playing Hi-Lo to get money Hi-Lo betting formula, bet 2 pairs

Using techniques to play Hi-Lo, how to get money, this is similar to normal bets. But it will select only two numbers out of the total. In which you have to look at statistics on which secondary numbers come out often. Then you choose 2 pairs. This formula, in addition to investing less, can also make you a lot of money.

Formula for playing Hi-Lo to get money, favorite betting formula

This favorite bet should be noticed at all times that the numbers drawn in many. What is the number that comes out often? In which you may have to wait for about 4 eyes onwards. After seeing the numbers that come out often. You try to select only 1-2 numbers and then place your bets. May be placed in small increments so as not to run out of money quickly. And still be able to continue The balance in the next round as well

Formula to bet on Hi-Lo with 4 pieces of money

How to play Hi-Lo formula to get money for those who have thick money because you have to divide the money into 4 parts, that is, divide the odd number is 100 300 and the even number 200 400 for you to match together to begin with Bet 100 baht and if you bet correctly, bet on that bet again 300 baht immediately.

And when both eyes are complete, start betting again with an amount of 200 baht and when correct, bet 400 baht. To be able to stab Not ideal for beginners

Formula for betting 5 except 1

This Hi-Lo formula for betting 5 except 1 allows you to easily imagine that every 3 dice has a face of 1-6, allowing you to choose 5 numbers from a total of 6 numbers. Which if you guess 1 dice correctly, you will get 1 times the money back and If you guess 2 or 3 numbers or more. The amount of cash back will be increased according to the number of correct numbers as well.

If you do as the Sian Hi -Lo play, how to get money to do, then believe that you will have enough funds to be profitable. Or will be used for capital in the next round can do it. Because these formulas are actually use by people who often play Sic Bo. And give a guarantee that it is a reliable formula