‘Arteta’ warns not to underestimate the hammer – give credit to ‘Moyes’

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Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has warned his players that their upcoming rivals West Ham United are a very dangerous team. He also thanked former boss David Moyes for his support in getting him to this point.

On Monday night, Arteta is set to take charge of the Gunners, making his first official appearance after the World Cup against the Hammers to keep the distance at the top of the Premier League

table. Against Moyes, who spent seven seasons at Everton,

during a pre-match interview with the club’s official media, Arteta said of his opponents:

“West Ham are a very dangerous team. Because I’m sure Moyes has been training his team hard all along ′

′ Since Moyes took over, he has made the West Ham players show their full potential. and take the team to the next level So it will be a very difficult game for us. According to the UFABET

“Every manager gives you some advice. That builds confidence in what you want to do, obviously Moyes had a huge influence on me in that

. He showed confidence in me. And I learned a lot from him both on and off the pitch. Both about team building and cultivate the correct character

for the team to do the work you want as we used to do together I have many wonderful memories with him. Because we’ve had successful moments together ′

′ ′′ Moyes believed I could make a difference at Everton, I was really worried then, but Moyes convinced me that I was. can do”

“Before that I play central midfield. Or always an attacking midfielder, but Moyes made me play on the wing. And I had to adapt to a different style of play ′

′ In the early years with Moyes we played with very direct football. That’s the opposite of what I’ve been learning since I was 15.

“I had to adapt. otherwise i will die which is a very challenging time But I think that was a really useful time to learn. and my development as a player.”