5 techniques for fish shooting games, how to get money, have money 10,000+

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Whether you are a beginner who thinks of making money with fish shooting games in their spare time Or want money plus up to 10,000 per day, we have techniques that may help fulfill what you dream of and increase your chances of success every time you shoot fish! สมัคร UFABET

Technique 1: Accumulate money to invest at least 3,000 baht 

Capital is important when playing shooting fish. It will be difficult to have a plus of 10,000 per day if your number is not balanced with Tens of thousands of goals The reason is because of the fish shooting game. Not every shot and the fish will die. and every bullet counts for money If the capital is small, it can easily become bankrupt. and not reaching profit

echnique 2: Choose a game with lots of fish!

There are many online fish shooting games tables available today. But it’s definitely better if you take the time to find the best fish shooting games to invest in. because in shooting fish This trick is good. If your screen is full of fish swimming around. That would surely be a better alternative to making rewards. A shooting game that takes a long time for a school of clownfish to swim.

Technique 3: Take the rhythm from other fish shooters. 

It’s not easy for fish to die all at once or explode bonuses. with only one player Or from your gun alone in a fish shooting game. Techniques to steal the rhythm of or to shoot together with players for shooting games.

Technique 4: Try shooting only 5 – 10 balls first. 

If you are new to playing fish shooting games. Definitely not good If you only focus on shooting fish, even if the capital is large, the ammunition will be abundant. But the first time of that room or game, gradually shooting at each one, only 5 – 10 with a cheap price before being good 

Technique 5: Use ammunition and shots 

How to shoot fish for money, gun selection, ammunition level are very important! And there is an interesting function for making money plus 10,000 per day for general fish shooting games. There will be a function of ammunition for the gambler to choose as follows

  • Auto gun : when used if aiming at the middle of the river Might be a waste of ammunition. Recommend aiming the mouse and shooting bounce to the side edge and the bullet will bounce back and forth. Makes it easier to qualify for money
  • Lightning/Ice Gun: Good for shooting against mermaids, golden sharks or game bosses. in order for them to stand still. Then we shot before it swam away.
  • Lock-on gun : suitable for every playing time. more during fishing You can choose to lock the highest paid bonus fish at that moment. for the accuracy