Recommendations for stretching muscles

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Recommendations for stretching muscles

For stretching muscles is to relax the muscles Because running increases muscle tension. Because when we run Muscles will wear out. Causes muscle tightness. Therefore, the muscles must be stretched in order to relax. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet

Precautions for stretching muscles

1. Refrain from stretching muscles in areas with severe injuries.

2. You should not hold your breath. while stretching the muscles

3. Do not stretch your muscles at speed.

4. You should not stretch your muscles until they feel severe pain.

5. To stretch the muscles This must be done carefully.

“Stretching” Or in Thai it is to stretch the muscles. It is very important able to play sports or exercise effectively.

Good stretching helps tendons, joints, and muscle fibers. The stretched body is longer and has a wider angle than normal. This can help prevent tearing of muscle fibers. This will usually help reduce injuries. We will stretch various muscles. During the warm-up (Warm up) and relaxation (Cool down) periods, therefore, in playing sports or exercising every time We should therefore stretch our muscles regularly. To make playing sports or exercising more effective

Today, Aimphan Sport has 6 simple poses to recommend for stretching your. Before and after exercise for you

1.Shoulder Stretching
Shoulder muscle stretching Straighten your arms in opposite directions. Then use the other arm to press down so that the muscles are flexible.

2.Tricep Stretching
Stretching the arm By lifting and folding one arm back and using the other hand to pull the elbow down.

3.Overhead Stretch
Stretch the muscles in the back, wings and breast By joining hands above head and stretching arms tight

4. Quadriceps Stretch
Stretch the muscles in front of the legs. Prepare in a standing position. Lift your right foot back and pull with your ankle. Keep as close to your hips as possible. This pose will help stretch the muscles in the front of the legs. It also helps blood flow to the knees and back better.

5. Toe Touch
Helps stretch the calf muscles. By sitting with your legs spread out on the floor and then bending over. Use both hands to reach out and touch your toes.