Is “injection drug” really faster than “eating drug”?

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Is “injection drug” really faster than “eating drug”?

Many people who are sick and want the fever to go down quickly. There may be prostrations and prayers. Ask the doctor to give you an injection. With the idea that the injectable drug is stronger, faster, and after that, He will constantly ask for the injection. Although the price is higher than the drug. but thought to himself when do you have a fever Only injections can be taken. Is this true? What is the difference between injection and oral medication? Doesn’t really work the same way? and if using frequent injections Will it harm the body or not? Let’s find out at โปรโมชั่น ufabet.

injectable vs oral medication

In fact, injectables and oral drugs, if they have the same level of drug will have the same effect The only difference is the duration of action. Which, in principle, used drugs The doctor will take into account the effectiveness. And the safety of the patient is important. in selecting the type of drug for the patient Rather than focusing solely on fast-acting, taking pills is therefore relatively safer.

the dangers of injecting drugs

Although the injectable drug works quickly. But there are quite a few risks. because when injected into the bloodstream The drug enters the bloodstream immediately. If found that the patient is allergic to the drug or received the wrong drug There will abnormal symptoms quickly. and much more severe than oral drugs as well

In addition, injectables cost more than oral medications. In addition to wasting the cost of drugs without cause We should remind ourselves that Injection drugs are more dangerous than oral drugs.

Can the patient request injections from the doctor himself?

asking for that injection. It should only considered by a physician. for the safe and cost-effective use of medicines

so next time Don’t assume that it only has to injection to cure it. Let the doctor the one who considers the right medication to treat us better than me.